All our tours are private tours and can be customized to suit your personnal requirements.  For example you may wish to follow in the footsteps of a family member, or be interested in another area or battle not mentioned in our basic itineraries. (Please let us in in advance of any changes etc).

A tour usually starts at 9am and ends around 5:30pm. There is a short stop during the day for lunch.

Apart from the cost of the tour, the extras not covered by the total price are entrance fees and lunch. When touring with a tour guide there is a reduced rate at the Airborne Museum (€6 per person).



It's very hard for children under 10 years of age to cope with a full day tour. Here at Normandy Sightseeing Services we can adapt our tours to cater for children of all ages. We use a wide number of different techniques to keep the children interested. Cressida and Duncan have 3 young children of their own so understand their needs.

We use visual aids like child friendly maps so they can follow where we are going. Photos and diagrams that they can understand, and depending on age, a clue finding quiz that they can complete throughout the tour.



We have luxury vehicles in our fleet which cater for different size groups.

For tours with more than 4 passengers we use an 8 seater Mercedes V Class people carrier, and a spacious 4x4 for 2-4 passengers.

A local pick up and drop off is included in the tour price either in Bayeux or the surrounding area. There is an extra charge should you wish to be collected outside of the local area.



Here at Normandy sightseeing Services we are happy to organise for you an Aerial tour, either by helicopter or light aircraft.

Get the real experience of how the 82nd and the 101st Airborne Divisions felt when flying into Normandy. See the beaches where the Allies landed, and observe 1st hand the landscape they were confronted with.

You will be taken to the airport or heliport by your guide, who will then accompany you during your flight. Flights last around 30 mins to 1 hour, and then you will continue your tour on the ground with you guide.

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